Tuesday, 1 April 2008


listening to a playlist composed of the songs i put on a cd for my baby nephew [its never to early to subliminally influence ;)]...feel sad that i cant be there to hang with him as an aunt in person..being in a different country &c. [reading persuasion and thats the olde anglais way of saying etc like the barnes book - love &c] anyhoo, here tis:
at the bottom of everything - bright eyes
caresse sur l'ocean - les choristes
nilakaigirathu - a r rahman
jeremiah was a bullfrog - ccr
yellow submarine - the beatles
oedipus - regina spektor
the ascent of stan - ben folds
you're so vain - the feeling [cover]
house of bamboo - andy williams
tahiti rain song - cocorosie
peach, plum, pear - joanna newsom
mystery - hugh laurie
one after 909 - the beatles
where do you go to my lovely - peter sarstedt
quelqu'un m'a dit - carla bruni
slow dancing in a burning room - john mayer
god put a smile on your face - coldplay
eleanor put your boots on - franz ferdinand
follow me - uncle kracker
lazy butterfly - devendra banhart
island in the sun - weezer
times like these - foo fighters

had this whole rant planned out. well my point today is basically this: things should be compatible with each other...like cameras and lenses made by diff companies and all computers and software and versions of software...i mean incompatibility forces you to adapt and move on to the next version which is only minimally different from the last one or give up and just stop using cameras and computers and everything. its like a spoon not being compatible with your mouth. grr. end of rant.

reading: persuasion
typical austen. loving it. hadnt realised that i hadnt read it as yet. am completely engrossed. her characters are so amazingly real and act how you expect them to act cause u know people like them. but this isnt predictability gone wrong. it is predictability at its best. it's sublime. and i use that word sparingly.

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