Friday, 17 October 2008

NOT selby's day

meh. day won (5-4) decider was super devastating. selby made a come back and made it 4-4 after being like 3-0 down or something...:'( i is heartbroken. corny jokes come to mind about the vampyr beaten by the day n shite. but am not in the mood. anyways, tomorrow:
trump vs. ronnie
day vs. cope
higgins vs. ding
carter vs. davis

all of which r much less tension than today. cause honestly i dont want any of em to win as much as i was rooting for selby. (id love for trump to win...but really does anyone see it happening? despite the genius of trump that is) the only one which am not sure bout is the higgins/ding one. but u never know. i was so sure about today too.


update! tomorrow's matches!
who i think will win
/who i want to win

trump vs. higgins
(so happy! i so was not ready for him to beat ronnie. at the mid session interval, they were asking whether he'd missed the boat, letting ronnie level at 2-2 n all that...deciding frame was much excitement and tension tho. booti!)
carter vs. day (because carter is de-growing on me...when contrasted with trump who just small smiled after winning...the drama-ness of carter pains me...of course the real drama queen was peter ebdon :/)


Slippery Reflections said...

i love the unknown was in which movie?

thesilentq said...

rocket science. most booti movie. i watched it on the plane...uv seen it yes?

Slippery Reflections said...

oooh! much better layout :D

nope, i haven't watched rocket science. i think.

made aruna's logos :D i like the stickered one. shall send them to you :D

Slippery Reflections said...

also stupid blogger won't let you have different coloured separation lines no? pained me much cause if you have the line, then the logo won't fit and if you don't then there's no separation between posts. meh.