Tuesday, 21 October 2008

why 'half nelson' is killer!

ryan gosling as dan dunne.

specifically...we meet him mid story...so he's just the cool teacher who doesnt talk down to his students...doesnt prove to them that they have nothing to fear from each other or him blah blah it isnt sentimental. he's the guy who uses words like 'dialectics' :) his actings tres casuale, like the drug habit. its like the most normal thing...he cleans his glass coffee table with glass spray before doing lines off it :)...he's got the scruffy, skinny, stubbly (beardy) shirt wearing look down, and it just gets better thru the movie...frm tucked...to untucked...and check...and the white 'u' bottomed short sleeve-ed one! he has a cat. eyes which look like marbles in the sunlight. stick up-y veins when having his arms round ppl...never ever creepy. even when he's on the floor after getting high in the locker room and she s mopping off his forehead with a paper towel. and he's holding her hand to his head...or when theyre dancing at a school thing...its very obviously concerned teacher/studenty.
good ending. realistic. satisfactory.
booti music too. broken social scene.

i have a favourite moment which shall be revealed after you watch it. and tell me urs.
there is a right ans.


Slippery Reflections said...

hehe all good things for a boy to have :D

thesilentq said...

:D i has had time to edit blog pics! wrote blog at kshamas...to see now!