Monday, 13 October 2008

i heart stephen

spent a nice afternoon watching snooker (with the pater...i love everything about it...the way the commentators r never wrong...the sound the balls make...the funky positions they stand in all serious when planning and making shots...impossible seeming shots going in...its like omg miracle. wow. its happy on so many levelss). gilbert vs hendry. much tension last frame. so many times i didnt want to watch. wanted hendry to win so bad. and he did. maybe some other time when dave gilbert isnt playing hendry i cud be on his side. he seems like nice boi. cute. he shud win stuff. :) but my love shud win always. then i will be happy happy happy. cute interview afterward. he made jokes. and was just...stephen hendry. :D

listening to the new keane album now. feel to loop :)


Slippery Reflections said...

awesomely typical pic the first one :D can't recognise him when he's standing up and smiling. (and yes, noise of balls! i'd watch it just for that!)
when did you listen to hanson? in school? probly explains why you haven't gone on about them to me.

thesilentq said...

yeah in the interview he was totally diff...all happy :) lol...its so funny when u see em all out of context like graeme dott broke his bridge hand in a freak football accident...and mark selby was on the side watching :D like imagining em hanging out and casually playing footie is madness!
hehe i shud be less surprised that u like ball sound too :D

hanson...honestly iv only ever hrd MMMbop before now properly...yeah school. when the moffats were around n things :D
i dont like when ppl diss cute pop ppl just cause theyre pop. there is a diff bet say girls aloud who r shite (and make oh look at us we're so pretty vids)and hanson.

omg theres new boyzone song which isnt half bad (its not exactly good) but the new look works...all looking older and much better.