Thursday, 9 October 2008


^ weird imdb trivia: Philip K. Dick claimed that footage of the film was exactly what he had envisioned when he wrote the book. However, Ridley Scott, who was notorious for having gotten exactly the visual look he wanted, claimed to have never read Dick's source novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" the weird bit: Philip K. Dick - date of death: 2nd March 1982, Blade Runner - release date: 25th June 1982. I guess he got to see advance footage or something...

my clothes have been neatly folded and put away after ages [some chucked, some to give to oxfam type things]. thats some of the kipple that my room is taken care of. this is my regular procrastination by cleaning up that precedes work that i have to do but dread mildly. i have to write this article. i get all stressed when its formal writing i.e. not fiction :S meh. iv got to get it done by tonight. it will get done :D

today's been good. dad's birthday. we had this big ganapati omam thing for the house. big not on an indian scale but in the sense that people came over to do the puja etc. iv got many grains frm ze puja to feed the birds with. some r in the garden now and the rest is in a dabba for tom. might feed the pigeons outside the leeds city art gallery tom. yay light night. fun fun.

the article that im writing is quite fun actually. its all about iconic design. but then the thoughts i have in my head which are all enthu never quite translate well when written down. things start sounding less enthu and magical and...

sunny day mostly :) i want it to be muuuch hotter tho.

almost forgot to mention my big discovery!
guess what the one republic dude's name is?! the one who looks like ryan off the OC!

you guessed it! it's RYAN! :D


makes me happy.

ps. iv just remembered the photo album things dee and me used to make for our fictional characters [we spent a lot of time on them before any story writing took place...sometimes we didnt get as far as writing the story down...] we cut out pictures from old seventeen type mags. and just used pics of diff fellows who looked a bit the same for different age ranges o the same char :) we did the same for our barbie photo albums too...i is nostalgic all suddenly.

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