Tuesday, 7 October 2008

to sleep perchance to...

hideous dream. deepthi said that hazel [my old dog] was looking sad and wondered why...so i went to look for her...i sit down on the pavement behind this tan dog with black ears and begin to stroke her head and she looks back and me [upside down eyes] and i realise she's not hazel [bit obvious really since hazel was white and fluffy] and then someone behind me [probably her owner] took a picture of us. then there was a bit with two babies in a pram and a crowd of people gathered round the pram...anyway i hunted and didnt find her...and just before waking up thought...its fine ill find her when i wake up...but then i woke up and the hideosity of it all struck me. no hazel. :(
i probably dreamt it because of do androids dream of electric sheep? finished it yesterday. the whole real animal vs electric animal...so sad. *shudder*

click on the frog.
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Divya said...

:( sadness! i dreamt of hazel too a few days back... can't rem what now.
i have been having hideous dreams as well :/ not fun. full tension waking up in the morning.

we could get a pet snake in blore... what say you? or that rat like thing whose name i can never remember for the life of me! badger... weasel... hell no! ferret? it could be but not there yet! :/ or turtle?

thesilentq said...

yes yes a turtle sounds good! :) not a dog cause the pauvre thing wud be alone all day and thats not good...

can u rem bits of the dreams?

Divya said...

good! turtle then! :D

erm... i know the human hazel was in it too and i was doing some comparitive study of who the real hazel is... can't rem anything more.. had the vibe of the play we went to at the fringe.. the bulging seahorse thing.