Wednesday, 15 October 2008

only just/a little back and forth/lately

playlist of the mo:

le fils de trois mousquetaires
the verve

its getting eerie how house is echoing my the felicia day epi right after watching dr horrible. and now house's ringtone for the team is 'MMMbop'!!!!!? the universe is trying to tell me something...anyway now trying to rem why i started on hanson was after light n rachel had this convi bout hanson...but y i dont rem...we were singing dr horrible tunes as always...talking about the lima show and walking to hyde park and they came up randomly...then i was feeling blue on sunday and started with the youtubing and podcasting which lead to me ordering the middle of nowhere cd off amazon...which hasnt arrived yet! cant wait! shit this is going to make me go fully bonkers...i must know! how hanson? why hanson? why now?

anyway...been watching the podcast in reverse it wud seem...started with 'taking the walk' and now watching 'strong enough to break'. oh man its hideous. id die if i had to deal with fools who didnt get the music and just kept saying...write more...start from scratch..we dont think you have an album..and this is after bloody 23 songs! and watching it after watching them make 'the walk' where the whole vibe is control and just happier.

rachel! if u read this...remind me.
oh wait i might have made the acapella connection...from us singing. was it that?


Slippery Reflections said...

omilord! stop it about hanson already!

house! i thot of you when the phone rang and he said that! lol :D

thesilentq said...

hehe am driving the parentals looney too...but iv yet to get album...imagine how mad im going to be when i get twas the too many podcast epis that did it :D

lol and wilsons song being dancing queen lolol.

50ft Queenie said...

I don't remember how we started talking about Hanson. But I agree with slippery reflections. Stop talking about them already!

Slippery Reflections said...

@50ft queenie
be careful, be very careful when you get pavi started on something :P

thesilentq said...

hehe i do get a tad fixated XD
#insert evil laugh#
you brought it upon yourself my good woman!

Slippery Reflections said...

not me tho!

i like the writing on the illustration. font où ecrit par main?

awful french! we have to get back to talking in français.