Sunday, 19 October 2008

baaba day

trump lost. but it was bootiful. he made a comeback from 4-1 down to level at 4 all and then higgins won o the day has been spent hanging out with dad's friends' daughter kaavya. happy me. chilluns make me happy. conveniently id been experimenting with stencils last week and had em cut out in my she drew teddys and rabbits and commanded me to draw too...yellow stars and pink messy with paints and everything...hehe she got a lil daub of green on her nose...she doesnt seem to grow really...everytime i see her she's still small..talking more now tho...she was all fascinated by the sticky things on my window...i have these circles and an elephant and blah...she called them 'jelly bubbles' :D good day. she got all comfy with me and didnt want to stop painting :D and then i carried her down the stairs when they were leaving and all...cause her mum was carrying other things.. :)

it's so easy to make out when ppl r good with chilluns...its a good test...i tend to like ppl who know how to be around chilluns...there r some ppl who r too organised (idiots who r all omg u can only paint in the bathroom cause i dont want my neat whiiite house to get dirty) or just dont like chilluns...


Slippery Reflections said...

lol! was the last line meant for me? :p

is this the baaba who's house i was taken to after the train mishap?

and you CARRIED her down the stairs? wtf! Oo

was playing with kavita the other day and mum was going OMG you have soooo much patience! cause i was explaining logic to her! quite pointless.

thesilentq said...

no that wasnt meant for but i knew ud think it was...u wudnt do that right??! that was stupid woman i saw on oprah was really shaaady!

yup that baaba wonly. lol yes i was surprised too...she's sooo light. happily agreed to let me carry n all :D

wat logic u were explaining?

chilluns r easy to be patient with i say :D just have to go with it...