Tuesday, 16 September 2008

me and my flair

joblessness i know but i just cant help myself. it's a disease.

  1. julian barnes - the person responsible for my cynical side
  2. my yayas
  3. blade runner - cant wait to read the book! [i agree with rachellle that philip k. dick's books have the most awesome titles!]
  4. john locke - i dont want him to be dead :'(
  5. almost famous!
  6. zappa - best speaker award!
  7. brian from dirty sexy money - yum yum
  8. the first kevin smith movie i saw...
  9. darjeeling limited. ahh.
  10. kyle maclachlan as paul muad'Dib
  11. house - i r mushpot
  12. lotr+kevin smith=clerks 2
  13. yes that is mr mcavoy
  14. lorelai is funny :D
  15. bender and molly ringwald *aww*
  16. closer before it all goes incredibly wrong...
  17. jeux d'enfants
  18. [yummy] mr bale and the yummier dog
  19. jess mariano
  20. trent lane
  21. self explanatory
  22. mr kassovitz doing shady things ;)
  23. dextah!
  24. pli et her boi
  25. dil chahta hai
  26. sawyer
  27. faramir
  28. bat fixation
  29. shtarbuuurst
  30. bowie!
  31. pattis of the world - unite!
  32. vetinari *salutes*
  33. guinness
  34. bad grammar - so funny
  35. mr schwartzman again...in his coconut records incarnation.
  36. the millennium falcon
  37. storm trooper - i want that costume so bad
  38. the brave little toaster and blanky
  39. the vital importance of kerning
  40. the god kevin smith
  41. rorschach
  42. the best clem snide album
  43. dezzie
  44. ah theoretical physics!
  45. the beatles
  46. pearl jam
  47. joy division
  48. black books/dylan moran
  49. richard armitage as john thornton *swoon*
  50. it hurts my eyes. my soul. and yes makes the baby jesus cry even.
  51. oscar wilde/jack fairy/velvet goldmine
  52. dexter
  53. bright eyes
  54. sigur ros - my new religion
  55. calvin et hobbes - me et pli


cmc sns said...

I see much goodness here.

Me and a girl I went to school with were responsible for the school paper and we used to make fun of Comic Sans sooo much! XD

Divya said...

:P nice!

too many too fast you write.. no time to catch up!

thesilentq said...

es i hast gone mad on my blog :D wat to dooo?!