Sunday, 21 September 2008

it's my blog, you can sing along...

listening to: lou reed
new cds: transformer - lou reed, low - david bowie
borrowed cds: conor oberst
borrowed book: please kill me - the uncensored oral history of punk
movies watched: almost famous [for the millionth time], withnail and i [must watch again :)]
also watched: dr horrible's sing along blog!
dinner: chicken and chapati
lunch: toast, veg mince, ben and jerrys, grapes
breakfast: doughnut, ben n jerrys
dinner on fri: 50/50 pizza - veg + spicy bolognese , b n j [choc fudge brownie, chunky monkey]
conversations : dr horrible, withnail, evil laughs, time, dogs, people, crowds, cinema, people who talk in the cinema, dr horrible, pie, freeze ray, texting, bad horse, meth labs, zavvi, good omens - the most repaired book ever, dr horrible, neil patrick harris, scales, tennis balls, the boy next door, buskers doing covers, oreos with milk at travelling man, 'raying', singingalong, dr horrible, ringtones, train timings, drunk people at the ticket counter, young mothers, stinky bread, good bread, fry and laurie, marmalade, oxfam, evilness...

1 comment:

dr horriblest said...

But - but - no sound! *tearinmyhand*

I'll have to sing myself (but I won't sing RHCP :p). "IIIIII caaaannoooot beliiiieeeve myyyyy eeeeyyyeeees! Theeee wooooorlds fuuuull of fiiiilth aaaand liiiieeees. And it's plaiiin toooo seeeeee, eeeeviiil insiiide of meeeeeeeee iiiis oooon theee riiiiiiiise." mWoAhAhAhAhAhAhAhA! So that's... coming along.