Monday, 29 September 2008

penny: "what kind of beer?"

reading: please kill me - the uncensored oral history of punk
to read: mort - terry pratchett+do androids dream of electric sheep? - philip k. dick
listening to: the stooges/iggy pop
to listen: the velvet underground and nico/kinks

got back from the library with the above mentioned stash o music and books. i got please kill me off rachel. am still in the proto punk stages o the book. lou reed. stooges. mc5. new york dolls. patti smith. warhol. edie. nico. danny fields. heroin. glitter. that whole scene...ohh and this morn i watched another awesome bbc docu: the pink floyd story: which one's pink? now i cant start properly listening to them :D i dont get why people have to act like some bands r mutually exclusive. like the beatles vs pink floyd.
anyhoo bbc docus r the best. the floyd one was really extra personalish as the main interviewees were the band members...i found bob geldof's presence a bit out of place actually...i mean it made sense in the end because he made the reunion concert happen but other than that his comments on them seemed irrelevant...
iv been having a musical day i say. just remembered that i listened to radio one after ages in the morn and noel gallagher was talking to chris moyles. about the electric proms and blah. he is muchly listenable to.
i'm going to miss iplayer when i go back to indias.
other things i might miss: radio sure there r more things i will booti frends obv...but things? hmm...flake, pound stores...houmous! but could attempt making it at home.. :D..and grassy places to lie on sunny days...
things i defo wont miss:
the itv fuckwit commentators
the cold jacket weather
to be continued.


rachellle said...

Don't go back to Indiaaaaaaaa! *wails and weeps*

Divya said...

bee tee double-u... houmous you can get at cedars! yummy mediterranean foodies! that's one thing less to miss :D

thesilentq said...

@rachel: skyyyyyype!

@divya: ooh i havent eaten there yet. yay :D