Monday, 15 September 2008


watched 'bring wars' on channel 4 yest.
tis the sort of thing that brings glee to my soul.

the best was probably when he got into carrie fisher's house[him mildly hitting on warwick davis [wicket[the ewok}] was pretty awesome too :D]. and she gave him real ewok soap and he discovered that her star wars curtains [in her utility room or something, muchly cute house tis..i want!] were made from a sheet and he actually used to own those sheets :D plus its just happy that it was the first movie he watched in the cinema.

how do i still adore star wars now that i know that a lot of it is dune based? answer: because it's dune based. it's like a circular thing [i adore dune]. yeah it's mildly ripoffy but it is also it's own thing. separate and ever deadly. but the places that lucas ripped things from in themselves are so interesting...for eg: three P-Os in heretics of dune refer to 3 artificial building materials beginning with the letters 'po' and it is a term used to look down on ppl...they r not posh materials to use basically. its funny.

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