Sunday, 28 September 2008


watched the sideyest countdown on E!...25 style icons or something. its bout how ppl lost their soul and individuality to that hideous thing called fashion otherwise known as the cult of wearing black black and more black in the name of being i dont know what...eergh...lets take a bunch of nice normal ppl being colourful and happy and 80s and punk and all things nice and make them clones and then call them icons so that other people can aspire to becoming clones. the evil plan is complete. total domination through sheepification. in the words of claude in can't hardly wait 'baa!'

look how beautiful>

ps. dont miss the mighty ducks reference.


Divya said...

björrrk! let's wipe out the insane sheep!

isobel said...

Bjöööööööörk! She looks and sounds like an alien and I love her. ^^