Thursday, 11 September 2008

'ort attaks!

writing on a word prompt. i asked zivya for one. she said heart. so many things to write bout...there was this trailer on the 'little children' dvd for some shady werewolf movie where she has to choose between desire and destiny! drama! love versus actual eating of idea for the conclusion of the movie involves her biting him and him becoming a werewolf too. :D anyhoo speaking of hearts...many movies and shows brings up the subject of children vs spouses...[my so-called life: her dad having to be the inbetween guy when she's arguing which her mum, crazy/beautiful: when she confronts her dad and he picks her over his new wife{he had to! it was the perfectest moment!}...complex story{tis the only one where i actually like kirsten dunst...i admit that she can act, she just unfortunately is painy!}...LOST:the whole kate killing her stepfather deal-her mum picking him over her is just shady{and i dont even like kate...but i still feel strongly against her daft mater!}...] so i guess my stand on it is that the chilluns have got to come first and it confuses me in these many plotlines when they dont...but then when im in it..wud i feel the same in little children...for ages kate winslet doesnt seem to connect with her daughter and only gets it when she almost loses her... but i dont think that cud be me...chillun obsessed as i am. god it just kills when she's off being shady and her daughter and the babysitter have a convi bout what art project she wants to do..a frame? a jewellery box? and she says: something for mommy. and she wasnt the painy sort of movie child. she was a lil whiny one. but only whiny in a i-want-you-to-look-at-me way...
erm other heart related things!

accidental but i like it!

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rebecca said...

Is the second clip from Now and Then?