Wednesday, 24 September 2008

who do you seeee?

crazy random happenstance?! or is the universe playing with my mind. good playing. i like it. just watched episode 2 of house season 5. and guess who's in it! felicia "penny" day. tadaaaa! and yes i know that you cant see her at all there...really good episode B-T-W [bee, tee, double-u as NPH would say] cant wait for mooore...
note to imdb: she's not on the cast list yet! what isss that?

ooh i just used imdb's update system to add a credit. funky. now twil be reviewed and added etc. they will email me later blah blah...good system!

ps. found this thru lastfm. i love this pic much.


Divya said...

watched 23 minutes of it and then poof! the current goes :/ bloody internet!
that's penny??? wtf! i thot she looked familiar! but penny?!

arienette said...

Is that Desaperacidos?
Aww, cute lil Conor. <3

Varun said...

i know felicia day more as Codex.

thesilentq said...

is that from the guild? i havent watched it yet.. must do :D wats it like?