Sunday, 6 April 2008


started watching huckabees then switched to the race then back to huckabees. conclusion: i heart huckabees but hate the bledy brit biased commentators. summa hate alonso and insinuate any shite about his character and his supposed evil ness while prince hamilton can do no fecking wrong. if i look upon it the whole huckabees philosophy is like hamilton is alonso and we are all the blanket and that includes the insane commentators and id take a polaroid of the whole world crying cause life is rooted in the manure of trouble and shania eats tofu tuna.

ps. bahrain: 1. massa [he has cute dad] 2. raikkonen [mussed hair on podium, too cute] 3. kubica

pps. interesting facts: jason schwartzman's mum in the movie and in real life is talia shire! and he was a part of the band phantom planet [drummer], how incredibly mental is that?? and phantom planet did the oc theme song which i love. and yes i will admit it, my guilty pleasure is watching the oc...methinks the real point of that show was the seth/ryan pairing...

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