Friday, 4 April 2008

dream: it was noisy and full and overflowing with people in the aisles. the problem was that most were not in their seats but leaning casually in studly manner against anything lean-able against and blocking everything up. or standing and signing for the deaf people. or just standing. not sitting. it was chaos. no one could see anything really. it was strictly an auditory experience for all, other than the ones who couldn't hear of course. the woman who was signing was doing so in a manner similar to anoushka shankar conducting in concert for george which i was watching last night.

watched the deep end of the ocean again yest. god i love that movie. one theory is i go for movies in which michelle pfeiffer cries: this, frankie and johnny, the story of us, one fine day...anyhoo i love this movie so much because of the casting and acting, esp the two boys [i hate the dad..grr he is painy!] vincent and ben/ how vincent calls him ben...god that boy is genius...the sneaking into the room with the cloth bunnie and sleeping on the floor...he is such a disturbed boi...i mean the way he looks bout 5 in every scene is just genius...for those who dont is about how ben gets kidnapped at yeng age..and vincent feels much guilt for having lost him...and many yrs later they find him living down the road frm them...the lady who kidnapped him is now dead, she killed herself...and he thought of her as his mother and his stepdad as dad...and his real parents are just beth and pat...complex...the brotherly relationship is awesome cause mostly vincent comes off as the yenger one...

vincent:imdbed him and now am looking at the filmography...his first movie was camp nowhere! one of my fave films of all time and i dont even rem seeing him in it...i rem seeing him in this horrible druggie movie...where he s all disturbed and on drugs and u just want to hug him...and omg he was even the main char of camp nowhere...maha change i say...then all floppy all...studly...but LOWE! want to see camp nowhere again now...
dont rem the title of the drugged one...mightve been this one.

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