Monday, 28 April 2008


just applied online for another job...i am eternally hopeful so am feeling sort of positive about it. but that's not the whole truth. the other half or 3/4th of me is so hideously resigned to the downhill slump that my life is in at the mo that i see absolutely nothing coming of it. and i hate feeling this way. the big blue eyed inner child in me is dying. he's got some rare blood disease [possibly: "Stick-it-to-da-man-noisis" ala the school of rock :) he may be dying but he maintains his dark sense of humour ;)]

watching the snooker world championship is super relaxing when the people playing are just completely perfection like. eg: liang [full name: liang wenbo - my new hero! o course my snooker god for eternity is stephen hendry - lowe!!]...also mark williams was playaing so awesomely that everything sounded just right...the cue making contact with the cue balls..the balls making contact with each other...falling into the today watching liang and swail [he is not fun to watch...its not i sound v finicky] i possibly imagined i could hear the sound of him chalking his cue...good sound even if i did imagine it...

i have discovered a fool proof way of identifying accents! yesss! i listen to the person speaking and identify who it is that they sound like/where have i heard this voice before. in this case i was listening to the snooker commentary and realised that he sounded just like spike from notting hill and he was welsh in the movie [and in real life :)] and the commentator was
terry griffiths who is indeed welsh!

creepy but interesting fact from the mag shortlist and confirmed by the bbc: hitler invented the olympic torch. ohh the things that get lost in the murky past...very orwellian...everything is very orwellian...he was just eerily all knowing and god i dont know for the life of me how he didnt end up killing himself...just looked it up..he died suddenly of a hemorrhaged lung.

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