Monday, 14 April 2008


feeling nostalgic for yestertimes and craving the constant tactile-ness [tactility?] that used to be. hand holdings and walking down the road. hugs. pinky shakes: all three kinds even!

random suggestion: mute one of the videos and play both at the same time. n then mute the other and play both. u know what i mean right? play the songs one after another. but not at the same time. but with both videos simultaneously. too much explanation?

felt to randomly blabber but now can think of absolutely nothing. am listening to damien rice: m'all wrapped in you...i dont know what im doing this for...trying to let it all can i when u still dont know!..genius...sometimes i think the anticipation of listening to music becomes a making playlists..its addictive...its sort of like making a mix tape...but obviously its a more temporary for the day...for the week...for the moment...for the now am listening to a playlist titled: goo..i dont know why i called it that..other than mebbe the way i feel now i suspended in jellO. its a mix of songs frm the garden state soundtrack, damien rice, les choristes, and suitable misc.

i love that word [misc] as said by dylan moran. words and the way theyre said...confusing. theres the need to say it the right way. anything. but sometimes the right way sounds wrong. mostly after iv gotten used to saying something one way. like: porsche...decided to go with the top gear way of saying it. logic being i say aow-di [audi] as opposed to the wrong way [like auditorium] and im backed up in this by jeremy clarkson. n hence figured shud start saying por-sha cause thats the way he says it [hence the right way]...but today hammond said: por-shh and may said: por-sha...and now it's like no one really knows do they?? for they r the authoritites on everything car related. a lot of my irrational likes and dislikes have to do with the way people say things or talk or sound...their accents...their voices. ooh list time! yay! *does a little jig*

top 5 most annoying ppl simply because of their voices:
  1. lila frm dexter
  2. kiera knightley cause she pretty much has the same exact voice
  3. jason coooombs frm savannah who says 'fity' [50]
  4. simi garewal...the breathy thing i cannot stand...
  5. collette wong ergh i can hear her say baarri-cello!
am not positive on the order tho...another person whos way of talking annoys me is rekha...rekha on simi garewal was hellish...but funny! cause she's like a true believer of the 3rd person it was all 'oh rekha wouldnt do that!' totally horrrr!

and now for something completely different

top 5 hottest voices:
  1. eddie vedder [preferably singing but talking works as well...vocally he can do no wrong]
  2. marion cotillard [this was turning into a male list but then remembered marion...then had to bump everyone else down...oh ze francaiseness...] oh but actually this isnt going to work...i think i shall have a combined entry..its my list and i can do anything i want! so this shall be marion avec guillaume canet pour mieux chaudness *i'm melllltinnnng*
  3. richard armitage [watch north and south!] *particles of me pinging about space now*
  4. christian bale/gael garcia bernal [they tie!]
  5. james mcavoy! [any accent..but preferably his own]

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