Wednesday, 9 April 2008

book effect

...was reading aesthetic theory when it made me think up some random visuals...n then i felt it needed to be a play...n felt to write made many notes in my moleskine reporters notebook [yes i have become tres bret easton ellis like]...and drawings of the stage and starting to type up the actual dialogue...and as usual it sounds lame as...pfft...think the thing is to power on tho...type and type until it begins to make sense...
..funny thing happened yesterday in waterstones...was being random and usual and hyper and loudly speeching about different books and...i was holding up love &c and talking it over and facing a frend and talking about how after uv read them both ur mentally scarred for ever and ever and see the world in a barnes way...and then i noticed that this man standing behind her was smiling madly at me..and i smiled and qualified by ending the speech with 'not that that's necessarily a good thing..' was a good moment. happy.

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