Friday, 4 April 2008

subliminal mindf**k

nother dream: me n a frend were supposed to meet these surfer boys by the beach but we were busy with some work and so decided to get the work done and then go meet them...and they decided to go midnight swimming without us and drowned and died. and then we turned into these 2 twin girls and we were very distraught...or maybe the twins were on the beach and not us at all and saw them die and hence were distraught...not too sure...identical twin so creeped out by the concept of identical twins...maybe its the reading of too many r l stines...with him going on and on bout mirror twins..and theres always something creepy going on...or maybe its just the identical people dressed identically...or the telepathic connection thing...reminds me of the double life of veronique...good movie...not creepy...but then they werent actually twins, they just happened to look exactly alike...completely different!

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