Tuesday, 29 April 2008

What, steady?... OK, but Silent Bob has to live with us and you pay the rent.

one down - a lot to go. watched dogma. so thats off my kevin smith list.
i bow to the man. seriously, if the people in the movie really were in control i would be totally happy believing in god. i wonder how metatron [or the metatron] ended up being the only one with such a non biblical transformers sort of name tho...and i mean its not just some name made up for the movie...ha ha it was totally classic when alan rickman referenced karate kid: wax on! wax off! another thing i love is how all the same people end up in his movies. its complete genius. god it wud be such a dream come true working with any or all of them [i can dream...might as well dream big ;)]

top five incredibly funny yet profound [what im trying to say is perfectly clear in my own head but when it gets out sounds like something i dont mean. i hope you know what i mean] movies:
  1. coldblooded -when u cant kill the person you love and vice versa [and you cant kill yourself although normally you're a coldblooded hitman who asks people life questions before whacking them] its got to be true love...
  2. clueless -carpe diem! and lots of misc. epiphanies: there's always room for more people at a party. always seem like you know what ur talking about. when in doubt go shopping but stay away from people who look like they might dangle/drop you from a high place...
  3. i heart huckabees -how am i not myself? blanket truth, cruelty-manipulation-meaninglessness, pure being...coincidences could just be coincidences...
  4. dogma -alanis is god.
  5. bill and ted's excellent adventure -be excellent to each other and party on dudes!
not entirely sure about number 5...top 5s r so hard...am probably forgetting something super obvious!

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Ranulph Chanticleer said...

That picture is going to give me nightmares.