Thursday, 10 April 2008


this is a post about many things. sigh i write far more blogs than i want to be doing ideally. there was quite a long phase where the my grey cells were incredibly dormant. i literally felt like id stopped thinking...but now it's like picking up on radio stations and static from all over the space of my brain. so now my many arbid thots clutter up virtual space...better out here than sloshing bout my brain.

the two [three - if you count combined words] most powerful words in the universe: it's done.
the power of the past tense. over. complete. done. finished with. something you didn't want to happen has happened. and you had absolutely no control over anything. it was out of your hands. it was done. by someone else. but imagine if you were the one saying it. it's done. *power rush of blood to the head* oh my god. that felt gooooood. god like almost. i took your puny little life into my hands and f**ked with it. *evil smile*

it's funny that i censor myself. like wtf is up with all the ** insertions. a weird sort of guilt thing maybe. im doing it for the kids. lol. i mean it is completely against my own logic. i am completely sure all the kids who are brainy enough to find this blog and read it. also know the word that my keystrokes have typographically bleeped out. and i hate things being bleeped out. like the insane bleeping that goes on in the uk which is especially noticeable when watching that 70's show [since iv also watched the completely uncensored version in india :D] for example:

Eric: Kick my ***, put your foot in my ***, make my *** a hat, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Red: Hey, did you ever see the one where Greg was a real wise- ***, so Mr. Brady took him outside and cleaned his clock?

we all know what the word is. say it with me..on the count of!
sigh they are so lame. but by that standard i am so lame as well..and yet i do it. insane much?

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