Friday, 11 April 2008

holy honore batman!

was idly imdbing as usual...then it hit me..was right there on the screen! christophe honore! directed both les chansons d'amour and ma mere!! complete mind fuck! he is my new god. god. wow. shit. lets start with les chansons d'amour, since i saw that first. it's painnn and so so much beautiful bliss all wrapped up in one neat little movie...and ma mere is just the complete tofu is to ben and julian barnes to cameron crowe...which means that he is all knowing this man...and knowing all can control me any way he wants. like vikram seth. and salinger. cynthia voigt. rebecca wells. donna tartt.


Ranulph Chanticleer said...

Why, oh why did you mention Ma mère? I'm trying to repress the memory of it. ;_____________;

Ranulph Chanticleer said...

Yeah, she's the one who wanted to see it in the first place! We should force her to watch it. Mwoahaha.

I was going to abandon my other blog, which I have done now. So Beyond the Debatable Hills is the place to be. :)